Cohesiveness: Highlighting the Maggie Suite

I love a well thought out plan. Designing for your wedding invitations is no different. I listen to your vision, your wants and needs and suggest a design that is a perfect fit for your special day along with ideas to make a really unique and extraordinary invitation suite. With, of course, plenty of additional enhancements to take things to the next level, if you so choose.

Meet the Maggie Suite.

I had the pleasure of working with Lauren, the talented photographer behind Lauren Baker Photography, for this flat lay shoot at Cornerstone Studios in trendy NorthEast Minneapolis. Together we styled the Maggie Suite to show how a cohesive look, including envelopes and stamps, can make all the difference in the world. 

I created a border of varying hairline and heavier lines for the Invitation, then carried that element over to the Detail and RSVP inserts, but substituted the full border for alternating corners. My goal is to intrigue your guests throughout the paper portion of your wedding. 

The font flow is an important element too. I love using two contrasting fonts that pair well together and interlope those two into each insert. And proceeded to do the same with the return and guest address envelope printing as well. The eye picks up on the scripted font which also helps break up the wording a bit. 

Envelope liners! Hands down the best extra enhancement you can invest in, in my humble opinion. The liner gives so much life to the whole package, and the options are endless. Try to imagine the Maggie Suite without the green and gold swirled cotton insert, still very pretty with the grey envelopes, but the addition of the liner ties all the colors in brilliantly. It’s a simple way to add in a luxurious factor. 

Because the envelope liner has that hard to miss vibrant gold swirl, I chose to bind the entire suite together with a simple gold twine. Adding the couple’s initials to a loose hanging tag on the front is another fun way to engage your guests as they reveal the invitation suite.

Last, but certainly not least, is the addition of your postage stamp(s). I have a strong affection for these little gems and you’ll hear me ask (more than once!) the direction you think you’ll take your envelopes if we have the opportunity to work together. Whether you opt for vintage beauties, current USPS collections or a mix of both, please make it a thoughtful decision! Depending on the weight of your package, or wedding invitation suite, you may need additional postage. Always check with your designer first.

You may find the Maggie Suite in my Semi-Custom wedding gallery. Hope this gives a little food for thought as you embark on this creative journey!

All images courtesy of Lauren Baker Photography