Finding Inspiration, Part One: SoCal

I’m curious…what inspires you? As a creative, I find inspiration in many, many avenues. I can tell you it’s the little things as well as the big picture that has me inspired; something as simple as a plane flying overhead on a clear day or the way light hits a non-discriminatory object. My background is in photography and I’ve trained my eyes for the past 20 years to look at things as if I were taking a photo. I have always strived to capture what I was seeing. Alas, easier said than done and I’ll leave that to the experts. My sights are focused on what will make beautiful stationery.

I’ve spent several vacations in Southern California or SoCal, as they say. Maybe not quite how you’re thinking however, as I’ve only been to LA once and never to San Diego. I’ve spent my time in the Palm Springs area and Joshua Tree National Park. A SoCal coastline is hard to beat and I love it as much as the next person, but I’m drawn to the desert landscape.

From the valleys of Indio, Palm Desert and Indian Wells to the dry, desert of Joshua Tree, I adore the contrast in temps, colors and textures. Have you ever thought about how beautiful a brown, taupe and tan landscape can be? It’s easy to do in Joshua Tree N.P.! Oh but the colors, let’s not forget about all of the beautiful colors of this region too. The huge, blue skies. The green, green manicured lawns and golf courses. The bright, blooming flowers. The orangey-red sunrises and sunsets. 

Photography courtesy of

I envisioned a wedding where the bride and groom saw beauty in those same spots that I have. Where inspiration for this wedding comes from nature; from the setting and surroundings of SoCal. Blending colors from plants, sunsets and landscapes, I created the Sarah Suite Collection. 

Hues of Greens, Burnt Orange, Peach and Ink Blue decorate a floral succulent wreath. I am always inspired by a Boho floral headpiece! Vellum overlay has a simple ink blue outline of the main along with the wedding date. Looping it all together is a delicate tassel in bright coral. Each accompanying invitation insert plays off of this ‘headpiece’ wreath. 

I chose destinations for the ceremony and reception, as well as after party cocktail reception, in locations where the scenery would match and highlight the wedding stationery. The design I created is casual California with an air of sophistication and always a nod to nature. I hope you Enjoy! 

Photography courtesy of @katieandalexanderphoto @_nickradford @clettis

On a personal note, I want to share a few of what inspires me…My husband’s Kind Soul, My children’s Innocence and silly Personalities, Sunsets, Hiking [ small or big, long or short ], Water [ fresh, salt, sea, river, ocean], Really Thoughtful People, Alone Time, Travel, Reading, just to name a few.

SoCal is not the only destination I thought of when designing the Sarah Suite. Stay tuned for more on where else I found inspiration…